Building the next generation of token economy

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Blueblock is a young and unique blockchain collective based in Christchurch, New Zealand. We work with a number of projects globally with a focus on industry best practices, token economics and smart contract architecture. We are leaders in facilitating discussion within the fast paced blockchain ecosystem. Founded by James Waugh, Blueblock has established themselves with a strong reputation built through a widespread network of industry connections.


James Waugh

Founder & Director


Reuben Woods

Relationship Manager + Strategy


Callum Gladstone

Token Design Researcher


Will Smithies

Chief Operations Officer


Blockchain & Digital Asset Advisory

Blueblock provides a full stack blockchain consultancy, with a large amount of experience around TGE & STO best practices. We take the complexity out of blockchain and work with a number of groups ranging from universities to startups to large enterprise level clients.

Mechanism Design & Token Economics

Working to create the next generation of decentralised token-based economy, Blueblock offers world class development of mechanism design and token economics. Building utility tokens that provide ecosystem value while harnessing the full potential of blockchain technology. Developing security tokens that provide real word business value while conforming to regulatory frameworks.

Ecosystem Development

Actively driving global growth and adoption of blockchain technology & digital assets - Blueblock dedicates time and resources towards infrastructure development and education for these emerging technologies.

Constructive Critique

Providing an objective perspective, Blueblock puts every facet of your project through a critical review. Aiming to minimise shortfalls or errors that could be flagged throughout any stage.